Cylinder ride on mowers; a guide to buying the right machine

When buying a cylinder ride on mower it's important to choose the most suitable machine for your requirements.  We have therefore provided the below guide to help you make the right decision;


  • Terrain; consider the cut area to ensure that your chosen mower is best suited to cater for the specific terrain that it will be most used for. Outfront mowers are manoeuvable and accessible to corners; mid-mount mowers are generally more compact and manoeuvrable; batwing mowers are ideal for large cutting areas; likewise, cylinder mowers are suited to covering larger cutting areas, whilst zero turn mowers are well suited to awkward cutting areas.

  • Landscape; 2wd or 4wd. 2wd mowers are ideal for flatter landscapes whereas 4wd mowers are better suited to uneven or hilly landscapes which require a greater, and more versatile drive output.

  • Grass type and finish; fine (cylinder), fair (rotary), rough (flail). Depending on the model, front or rear rollers often feature with cylinder mowers to achieve an enhanced striped finish. Additionally, grass collectors provide a direct collect finish and are widely available in the domestive market whereas cut and drop machines are often utilised for commercial purposes.

  • Fuel type; petrol or diesel. Petrol mowers are often less expensive to buy but more costly to run and are widely available in the domestic market. Conversly, diesel mowers are more expensive to buy but less expensive to run and are widely available in the commercial market.

  • Working environment; commercial machinery used throughout the year often requires road registration and relevant road lighting kit applications. Some commercial users also prefer to add cabs for operator comfort. Mowers for private use are likely not to require road registration but cabs maybe considered if use is intended throughout the year.


  • Triple cylinder ride on mower; we offer a large selection of triple mowers from a variety of market leading brands including Hayter and Ransomes Jacobsen. Triple mowers such as the Ransomes 2130, the Ransomes 2250 and the Hayter LT324 (featured in the below photo gallery) are capable of cutting large, undulating surfaces to a good finish. The Hayter LT324 triple mower is a 4wd machine powered by a 35hp Kubota diesel engine, and comes complete with hydrostatic transmission (HST), power assisted steering (PAS), rollover protective structure (ROPS) for added operator safety. The Hayter LT324 offers a standard finish with 10" heads or a premium finish achieved with 8" floating heads; both providing an impressive striped finish across an overall 84" cutting width.

  • 5 unit cylinder ride on mower; in addition to triple cylinder mowers we also offer 5 unit cylinder mowers such as the Ransomes 3520 Commander (featured in the below photo gallery); a 4wd machine powered by a 51hp, 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine, complete with hydrostatic transmission (HST), power assisted steering (PAS). Additionally, with its cab and five robust Magna heads (which offer an impressive 138" cutting width), a 5 unit machine such as the Ransomes 3520 is ideally suited for heavy commercial workloads.

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