Servicing, warranty and liability policy

RJW Machinery; Servicing and Warranty Policy



All used machinery [Goods] sold by RJW Machinery [the Supplier] fall into three categories, and the following applies regarding servicing and warranty;


  1. Trade Machinery; this machinery will be clearly listed within our ‘Trade Machinery’ category and is sold for ‘spares or repair’.  RJW Machinery offers no warranty for machinery sold as Trade Machinery and we accept no subsequent liability under any circumstances.  A ‘Trade Sale’ invoice, complete with our Trade Terms and Conditions, applies to all Trade Machinery sales.  Machinery sold as Trade Machinery, i.e. for spares or repair, is not subject to any level of servicing by RJW Machinery.

  2. Trade Sale, i.e. dealer to dealer; if a dealer buys machinery from RJW Machinery then our Trade Machinery policy applies.

  3. Retail Machinery; if machinery is (a) listed within our ‘Trade Machinery’ category, (b) sold direct to a dealer, or (c) sold direct to an end-user on a ‘Trade Sale’ basis then a ‘Trade Sale’ invoice, complete with Trade Terms and Conditions, applies. Otherwise, machinery is considered to be available to the open market and is subject to the following basic level of servicing and warranty;


RJW Standard Machinery Service and Warranty;


All used machinery that leaves our premises to be used directly in the open market will be;


  • fit for purpose

  • safe

  • without risk to health

  • supplied with a relevant operator’s manual and, in accordance with the manual, installed with the owner/operator, either at point of purchase, and/or upon delivery/collection

  • subject to a 50/50 parts and labour* three (3) month warranty for major mechanical parts and components** ^


RJW Full Machinery Service and Warranty;


If you have purchased an ‘RJW Full Service’ (which will be itemised upon invoice) as part of your original machinery order then, in addition to our standard machinery service, your machinery will be;


  • fully serviced in accordance with the relevant operator, service, and/or user manual(s)

  • subject to a full three (3) month warranty for major mechanical parts and components


* the [parts and labour] costs for all necessary warranty repairs will be shared equally [50/50] between both parties

** major mechanical parts and components includes engine, hydraulics, and transmission claims only

^ our warranty does not cover general wear and tear, operator error, or negligence


If you [the Customer] are not satisfied with any aspect of our servicing levels then please contact us [in writing] within one (1) working day of receiving your machinery, and prior to using it, so that we can rectify the issue if necessary.